New Video Conference Features - Soft Launch

April 10, 2020

We have listened to your many suggestions on features we could implement that would improve your experience with our platform. We are very grateful for those who took the time to do this and we are happy to report we have a new interface within the video conference room itself which we will be gradually introducing to our user base.

Please note that we emphasize the element of “gradual.” Some of the most important feedback we have received from providers is that they really do not want anything changed abruptly since they are just now getting used to our current platform. As such, for the time being, you may keep things entirely the way they have been if you like. However, if you are more intrepid and would be interested in accessing the enhanced features (they are free to use), please use your current login credentials, but do so at our new site below. Again, the old site is not going anywhere and will continue to work.

The new site:

Upon logging into this new site, everything will appear the same until you seek to launch the video conference. At that point, you will notice the following:

  • Better aesthetics;
  • Wider field of vision with increased clarity;
  • Screen sharing;
  • Ability to share/stream a YouTube video;
  • the ability to throttle quality from HD to LD in order to counteract bandwidth scarcity;
  • Chat functionality;
  • the ability to “raise your hand” to indicate a desire to speak in a group session;
  • Many other enhanced features.

Should you not enjoy the changes or should they not work well for whatever reason, you can always use the old site you are used to. However, we are counting on some of you to check out the new option and provide us feedback. Please do let us know your thoughts, as well value them greatly.

Thank you

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