Announcing Our Support of Therapy Aid Coalition

September 22, 2020

When 2020 started, most of us would not have been able to predict how our lives were about to change. The global pandemic of COVID-19 has affected people and their daily lives on levels we would not have fathomed before. Unfortunately, a lot of these changes were often for the worse - whether it was being laid off from COVID-19, knowing a loved one pass from COVID-19, or simply being stuck at home in quarantine. Even though it may be hard to think about, there have been a few silver linings to this pandemic.

For one, here at VidHealth, it was all because of COVID-19 that we developed this telehealth platform. We knew that even with COVID-19, mental illness would persist and mental health providers will still need to work. So, we wanted to make sure these providers could stay safe. Which is why we're excited to announce a partnership with Therapy Aid Coalition, a non-profit that exists to connect those in need during crisis, with licensed therapists nationwide.

Therapy Aid Coalition Logo

Similar to ourselves, Therapy Aid Coalition was also born out of COVID-19. A social worker in Colorado knew from the early days that COVID-19 was going to affect people’s mental health and that these individuals should have access to affordable therapy. Thus, Coronavirus Online Therapy (CVOT) was born. The first initiative of Therapy Aid Coalition, it created a large network of therapists across that nation willing to give free or reduced-price sessions for essential workers. CVOT’s algorithm then matches essential workers and their family members with three therapist matches. Also, you may be thinking that essential workers means just healthcare workers, but no! Essential workers includes grocery store employees, mail delivery employees, garbage collectors, teachers, firefighters, and much more! So where does VidHealth fit into this?

We're proud to provide technological and development expertise to support all of Therapy Aid's activities, from the therapist-matching algorithm to free use of our state-of-the-art telehealth platform. Your continued use and support of VidHealth directly benefits essential workers and the therapists volunteering to work with them.

As mentioned above, CVOT is only just the first initiative of Therapy Aid Coalition. In the future, Therapy Aid Coalition is going to be providing access to mental health resources for individuals affected by other crises such as natural disasters. One thing’s for sure, VidHealth will be right there beside Therapy Aid Coalition to continue supporting its efforts and helping accomplish this mission!

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